Returning Characters

 1. Mario 
 2. Luigi 
 3. Peach 
 4. Bowser 
 5. Donkey Kong 
 6. Diddy Kong 
 7. Yoshi 
 8. Wario 
 9. Link 
 10. Zelda 
 11. Sheik 
 12. Ganondorf 
 13. Toon Link 
 14. Samus 
 15. Zero Suit Samus 
 16. Pit 
 17. Ice Climbers 
 18. R.O.B. 
 19. Kirby 
 20. Meta Knight 
 21. King Dedede 
 22. Olimar 
 23. Fox 
 24. Falco 
 25. Wolf 
 26. Captain Falcon 
 27. Pikachu 
 28. Pokémon Trainer (uses Squirtle, Lyvsaur and Charizard) 
 29. Lucario 
 30: Jigglypuff 
 31. Marth 
 32. Ike 
 33. Ness 
 34. Lucas 
 35. Mr. Game & Watch 
 36. Snake 
 37. Sonic
 38. Young Link
 39. Roy 
 40. Mewtwo
 41. Pichu
 42. Dr. Mario

New Characters:

 43. Master Chief (Halo 3)
 44. Max Payne (Max Payne 2)
 45. Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem Forever 2007 Trailer)
 46. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Underworld)
 47. Alex Roivas (Eternal Darkness)
 48. Daisy (Mario)
 49. Waluigi (Mario)
 50. Birdo (Mario)
 51. Baby Mario
 52. Baby Luigi
 53. Baby Wario
 54. Bowser Jr.


Armank Armight Auroros Autolance Bombed Borboras Bucculus Buckot Bytan Cymul Feyesh Floow Gamyga Glice Glire Glunder Greap Mite Mizzo Nagagog Normal Primids Scope Primids (Primids with firearms) Sword Primids (Beam Sword-wielding Primids) Boom Primids (armed with boomerangs) Metal Primids (covered in heavy, reflective metal) Fire Primids (can breathe fire) Big Primids (composed of more Shadow Bugs and are three times as large as normal Primids) Poppant Puppit Roader R.O.B. Sentry R.O.B. Launcher R.O.B. Blaster Giant R.O.B. Roturret Shaydas Shellpod Amaranthine Gas Jyks Quark Mines Spaceshifting Wormholes Spaak Ticken Towtow Trowlon


Master Hand Crazy Hand Giga Bowser Petey Piranha Rayquaza Porky Galleom Ridley Duon Meta Ridley Tabuu King Boo Giga Yoshi Shadow Mario Dino Piranha Dark Samus Octopus monster (Deep Rising)


Comet Observatory Lara's Mansion The Chamber Queen's lair Atlantis Space Station Fun House Baby Bowser's Castle Remake Super Mario World (Level 1, World 1) Twilight Castle Pikmin Forest 2 Ice Mountain 2 Pokemon Stadium 3 Pokemon Island Yoshi's Island 2 Remake Super Mario World (Level 4, World 6) Football Stadium Dark Samus's Base Image World Remake Super Mario World (Level 3, World 7) New Final Destination Speed Race Track Jungle Tour Temple of Doom Master Chief's Headquarters Castle Defended area Pill Factory Pit's flying Course Traffic Highway Sonic's village Roivas Mansion Kirby's New World The Sewer The Sky SpaceCraft Snake's home base The Dome World Wario Land Darkness Zone Lair of the Desire Cruseship (Deep Rising)

Brawl Stages

Delfino Plaza Distant Planet Final Destination Luigi's Mansion Lylat Cruise New Pork City Pirate Ship Rumble Falls Spear Pillar Yoshi's Island

Assist Trophy

Starfy Dr. Wright Shadow the Hedgehog Metroid Hammer Bro The Helirin  Nintendog Rosalina and Lumas Peppy Hare, Krystal and Slippy Toad Leon, Pigma, Andrew and Panther Caroso Assualt Trooper (Duke Series) Pig Cop (Duke Series) OctaBrian (Duke Series) Enforcer (Duke Series) Commander (Duke Series) Protector Drone (Duke Series) Sentry Drone (Duke Series) Bear (Tomb Raider) Black Panther (Tomb Raider) Graboid (Tremors) Shrieker (Tremors) AssBlaster (Tremors) Piranha Plant Goombas Koopas Paragoomba ParaKoopa Natla with Wings Mantorok Battlelord (Duke Series) Overload (Duke Series) Cycloid Emperor (Duke Series) T-600s (Terminator Salvation) Wolves (Tomb Raider) Harvester and Moto-Terminators (Terminator Salvation) Worm (Eternal Darkness) Ulyaoth Xel'lotath Chattur'gha


Arbok Articuno Bellossom Blastoise Bonsly Bulbasaur Celebi Charmander Charmeleon Chansey Clefairy Chikorita Cyndaquil Deoxys (in Attack Form) Ditto Ekans Electabuzz Electrode Entei Gardevoir Goldeen Groudon Gulpin Ho-oh Jirachi Koffing Kyogre Latias Latios Lickilicky Lickitung Lugia Manaphy Marill Meowth Metagross Mew Munchlax Piplup Politoed Porygon2 Qwilfish Raichu Raikou Snorlax Snubbull Staryu Steelix Suicune Togepi Torchic Totodile Unown Venusaur Victreebel Vulpix Wartortle Weavile Weepinbell Weezing Wobbuffet Wynaut Zapdos

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