Subspace Chronicles
Developer(s) Omni-Corp
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Unknown
Genre Platformer
Mode(s) Single Player
Wi-Fi Connection
Rating(s) ESRB:T - For Teen
Platform(s) Wii
Media Wii Optical Disc (dual layer)

Subspace Chronicles is the multi-crossover part of the Super Smash Bros. series that feature a cast that are not only from video games! So get suited up for one hell of a brawl~!!! This game is based off of a story made by Slasher Chaos.



  • Naruto Uzumaki/Sennin Mode Naruto
  • Hinata Hyuga
  • Sora
  • Kairi
  • Xemnas
  • Lloyd Irving
  • Batman
  • The Joker
  • Tōshirō Hitsugaya
  • Rangiku Matsumoto
  • Jimmy
    • Totodile
    • Bayleef
    • Typhlosion
  • Tifa Lockheart
  • Cid Highwind
  • Travis Touchdown
  • Haru Glory
  • Kasumi
  • Shu
  • Kirby
  • Inuyasha
  • Blair
  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • The Thing
  • Pit
  • Tiger
  • Popeye
  • Vegeta

Unlockable Characters

  • Tendou Pain
  • Chikushoudou Pain
  • Ningendou Pain
  • Jigokudou Pain
  • Shuradou Pain
  • Gakidou Pain
  • Kratos Aurion
  • Cloud Strife
  • Captain Falcon



  • Original:
    • Primid
    • Boom Primid
    • Fire Primid
    • Mage Primid
    • Auroros
    • Greap
    • Shaydas
  • Others:
    • Balverine

Assist Trophies

Link: List of Assist Trophies

  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Miroku
  • Mothra
  • Slimer
  • Edward Elric
  • Berserker


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