Several stages return in Max from both Melee and Brawl. All the stages featured in Brawl are in Max. Battlefield and Final Destination stages from Melee return, as does the original Flat Zone stage. The stage builder feature returns as well.

The Emerald Hill Zone will have some changes. Instead of Silver, Tails and Knuckles appearing in the background(who are all playable characters except for Silver who is now an Assist Trophy), the characters will be Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat and Blaze the Cat. Cream the Rabbit will appear flying in the background of this stage as well.

Default Stages

  • Tokyo(Sin & Punishment 64)

Unlockable Stages

  • Dream Gate(NiGHTS)*Unlocks when NiGHTS is unlocked.
  • Terraport(Vectorman)*Unlocks when Vectorman is unlocked.
  • Fortress of Time(Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within)*Unlocks when The Prince is unlocked.
  • Cannon's Core(Sonic Adventure 2)*Unlocks when you complete the "Sonic vs. Shadow rematch" event.
  • Baby Park(Mario Kart Double Dash)*Unlocks when you complete the "Child's Play" event.
  • Crocodile Isle(Donkey Kong 64)*Unlocks when you complete the "Kong Kremling Khaos" event.
  • Blue Mountain (Rayman)*Unlocks when Rayman and Mewtwo are unlocked.
  • Gyromite (R.O.B. series)*Unlocks when R.O.B. is unlocked.

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