Spyro the Dragon

Attack: 3/5

Speed: 4/5

Attack Speed: 4/5

Jump: 3/5

Reach: 4/5

Gravity: 3/5

Weight: 3/5 Traction: 3/5

Height: 3/5

Costumes Spyro changes the colour of his scales.

(Default) Purple







Spyro appears on the battlefield through a portal.


Up: Steam starts coming of Spyro's mouth and saids "Is that all?"

Side: Spyro flicks his head spines up with his paw.

Down: Sparx flies close to the camera and sticks his tounge out .

Abilities can wall jump

has a very special jumping process

first he does his standard double jump. His third jump causes him to glide until he touches ground or until he does his fourth jump which he hovers slightly before dropping down


A: Headbutt

AA: Headbutt

AAA:  Tail strike

A>: Kick

Smash A>: Mega Headbutt

A^: Uppercut

Smash A^:  Back taip whip

Av: Foot sweep

Smash Av: Tail Sweep

Running A: Running Headbutt


A: Kick

A^: Backflip kick

A>: Drop kick

Av: Split

A<: Backwards kick


B: elemental Breath - Spyro's shoots out a breath that is determined by the stage he is on

if the stage is grounded or a grassy stage the breath is fire

if the stage has a lot of water or ice the breath is ice

if the stage is aerial or has a lot of mechacnical properties the breath is electricity

if the stage has lava or a lot of hazards the breath is earth

now your thinking that earth breath should be for grassy stages and fire for lava stages. Well fire is the most common breath so is should be available on the least dangerous stages and earth breath is the most powerful so it should be available on the most dangerous stages

B>:charge- spyro charges forward. Can be powered up to super charge but is harder to stop. Works like sonic's spindash except he can't turn around

B^: headbash- works like king dedede super jump but can't be canceled in midair. spyro also always jumps in a long arc

Bv: wing shield- spyro crosses his wings in front of him. Can reflect all projectiles except for fully charged projectiles or final smash projectiles. Spyro can be hit by projectiles from behind

final smash- dragon fury spyro unleashes an explosion of the element he used for his breath attack

different elements have different final smash abilities

fire- causes more damage but less knockback

ice- freezes opponent and has moderate knockback

electric- high damage moderate knockback

earth- high damage high knockback


Z: Grabs the enemy

Z+A: Stab

Z^: Lifts the opponent upwards then slashs them.

Z>: Let go of the enemy and kicks them.

Zv: Rises them up and slams them.

Z<: Stabs the enemy through the chest and throws them.

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