Space world

Space world is the second stage were Mario is Blasted. Space World is based on a Sky World but in space, is Patunini's homeland, and is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Revolution with Orbits Floating all around in the background. It has fragile platforms that may be destroyed by powerful attacks. It is even possible for the main platform to get destroyed, turning the level into a stage of cloud platforms, which can be dropped through by pressing down on the Control Stick. However, the platforms will regenerate in a short while. It is located in the Super Smash Bros. World and is a level in the Subspace Emissary.

In the Ninjai invasion, Patunini had been watching the fight at Midair Stadium when the Ninjai Revolt attacked. After it was taken into Ninjai, Pit appears, gives Patunini Palutena's Bow, and sends her on his way. As Patunini explores the space, She finds the Halberd deploying the Ninjai Revolt. She fights them off, then comes across Mario. He revives her from her trophy form and teams up with him. They eventually see the Halberd flying away, and an Arwing looking chasing it. This Arwing is Fox McCloud's Arwing upgrade that Tails Helped with and Mametchi would later discover when they confront Kratoa in The Swamp.

Songs played in Subspace Emissary stage (in order of appearance)


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