"I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power!"
Character Information
Gender Male
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Sora is the main hero from the Kingdom Hearts series, the crossover of Square Enix and Disney. Now he have arrived here in his Kingdom Hearts II form!

Weight Category: Middle


Sora has no special abilities.

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move: Firaga

Description: This move is a high class fire elemental spell, which allows Sora to create a spiraling pillar of flames surrounding himself to take away his foes.

  • Side Special Move: Sonic Blade

Description: Sora will suddenly lunge at his foe with a thrusting attack from his keyblade that has enough force to knock his foes away from him.

  • Up Special Move: Glide

Description: Sora will launch himself into the air with magic.

  • Down Special Move: Blizzaga

Description: This move is a high class ice elemental spell, which allows Sora spray shards of ice from the tip of his keyblade at his foes that are infront of him.

  • Final Smash: Trinity Limit

Description: Sora will glow with a bright aura and launch at his foes with a barrage of striking blows from his keyblade then he will finish it off with a downward strike that will unleash a burst of light energy that will send any foes surrounding him flying off.

How to Unlock

Super Smash Bros DS: Double Slash

In Super Smash Bros DS: Double Smash, you must play Subspace Emissary where Sora will appear in the Halberd as he appears from a beam of light and after completing that level, he will be unlocked.

Subspace Chronicles

In Subspace Chronicles, Sora is one of the starting cast that is already unlocked from the starting point of the game.

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