Sokaku comes from a clan of Buddhist monks whom are an ancient rival of the Shiranui clan. They hunt and destroy Shura while subjecting themselves to controlled dark entities. Sokaku is said to be the finest their clan has produced. He believes the Jin scrolls to be the source of a Shura and seeks to destroy them.

Sokaku is very serious about the duties of the Mochizuki clan. He's not evil but will use "evil" forces to achieve his goals. He's the type of person who enjoys the simple things of life, like family.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Sokaku-sprite2Sokaku is a buddhist NPC in SSS. Like the characters who use dark magic, Sokaku will use dark powers, such as the Yotsmungand to help out in battle. He also brings his skills form the Fatal Fury series in.

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