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smash trek is an upcoming smash bros. game. it will contain STAR TREK characters.

characters (wii/ds)

  • mario
  • luigi
  • peach
  • bowser
  • donkey kong
  • diddy kong
  • yoshi
  • wario
  • kirby
  • meta knight
  • samus
  • olimar
  • ROB
  • fox
  • falco
  • wolf
  • captain falcon
  • lucas
  • snake
  • sonic
  • captain picard
  • commander riker
  • deanna troi
  • gunian
  • geordi la forge
  • data
  • worf
  • ensign ro
  • gowron
  • hugh
  • riker wil
  • evek
  • ocett
  • locutus
  • major rakal
  • sela
  • kenny
  • spongebob squarepants

chars (PS3/PSP)

rachett clank snake evil guy (originally in the WII/DS version before stolen by SONY) spyro crash dr. neon cortex sonic sisko kira neyrs kenny o'brien odo quark jadzia dax spongebob squarepants


master chief elite conker banjo-kazooie dark master chief sonic captain janeway

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