Another one of the five Nanto Goshasei Generals and leader of the Red Army. Shuren wishes to avenge Hyūi's (his brother star) death at the hands of Raoh, and he shows his commitment to this cause by lighting a funeral pyre for Hyūi which also burns down his castle, leaving him and the Red Army with no home and only a desire to fight Raoh. He, as his name suggests, has the ability to control and manipulate fire, using it in such moves as the Gosha Enjō Ken (五車炎情拳, 'Gosha Enjō Ken'? Five Chariots Passionate Flame Fist). Shuren confronts Raoh and his army during a march in a valley, but is swiftly defeated by the much more powerful Raoh. Shuren shows his anger over Hyui's death and his devotion to last Nanto General. Shuren tries one final, self-immolating attack which, after being countered by Raoh leaves him burnt to a crisp. After this, Raoh wonders how anyone could have such a burning devotion to The Last General of Nanto Roku Seiken.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Shuren appears in Super Smash Sisters as a non-playable. He uses his fiery style from the Hokuto no Ken series and even his best attack, the Gosha Enjou Ken. Any enemy who touches him will burn.

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