Shinon (シノン, Chinon in the Japanese version) is a sarcastic, self-interested man. He is good friends with Gatrie and bears a great respect for Greil, which can be revealed in a support with Janaff where he defends the deceased commander. He constantly treats Ike like a foolish child and finds the idea of Greil's son serving as his commander insufferable. He is also blatantly racist, frequently calling all laguz "sub-humans". He wishes to live a more comfortable life, and feels that the Greil Mercenaries would do better to search out more lucrative employment than scaring bandits away from Crimean villages. Ultimately, he leaves the party, following the news that Ike would succeed Greil as leader of the mercenaries. He doesn't reappear until much later, when he is employed by the Daein army to help stop Ike's forces from advancing across the Daein border. He rejoins the company grudgingly, under the persuasion of Rolf, but only after he is forced to admit that Ike has indeed become stronger than him.

In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Shinon helps the Laguz Alliance along with the other Greil Mercenaries, but he stills dislikes Ike. He continues to mentor Rolf and has created his own bow, the Silencer, but has no overall significant role in the story.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

In SSS, Shinon is unplayable unlike in his Fire Emblem days. Like most archers, Shinon can use his bow. When he fights in close combat, he mostly uses kicks and has a few punches.

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