The Shake King's Forces consist of Bandineros, Boomdineros, Buccaneros and Pitchforks.

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This was the only image of any of these guys I could find. Sorry

Red Bandineros simply walk back and forth. They're more of an annoyance than a threat.

Yellow Bandineros jump up and down. They will injure fighters if they land on them.

Blue Bandineros have the power to puff up their bodies and float. Jumping on them will stun them and cause them to fall to the ground. Some have electrified bodies.

Buccaneros run towards fighters swinging their swords.

Boomdineros have cannon-like bodies and fire small cannonballs at fighters. These cannonballs can be reflected.

Pitchforks simply charge forward attampting to skewer fighters with the forks on their heads. Some will hang from ceilings by their forks and drop down on fighters, rotating their bodies so they will land on the forks.

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