The Shadow Pokemon are five species of pokemon that act as enemies in Max's adventure mode. The idea to use Shadow Pokemon as enemies came form the fact that Shadow Lugia is used by Tabuu as a power booster. The Shadow Pokemon in Max are actually Shadow Bugs who have combined to form five different species of pokemon, each using a different shadow move. Aside from the Primids, Shadow Pokemon are the most numerous enemies in the adventure mode. A list of the species and their moves is below.

Primeape 2

Shadow Pokemon:Primeape

Shadow Move:Shadow Rush

Description:Virtually identical to Captain Falcon's Raptor Boost.


Shadow Pokemon:Marowak

Shadow Move:Shadow End

Description:Virtually identical to Ike's Quick Draw. Shadow Marowak takes damage when performing this attack.


Shadow Pokemon:Hypno

Shadow Move:Shadow Wave

Description:Shadow Hypno creates a "wall" of energy that moves through fighters damaging them in the process.


Shadow Pokemon:Magmar

Shadow Pokemon:Shadow Rave

Description:Shadow Magmar, like Shadow Hypno, creates a "wall" of energy that moves through fighters. Three differences bteween this move and Shadow Wave is that the "wall" of energy in this attack lightly pulls on a fighter's body as it moves through them. This attack does more damage and ,since Magmar is primarily a Fire-Type, this attack is imbued by incendiary properties.


Shadow Pokemon:Electabuzz

Shadow Move:Shadow Break

Description:Shadow Electabuzz bashes fighters with his fists. Since Electabuzz is primarily an Electric-Type, this move is imbued by electrical properties.

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