Shadow Lugia

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Shadow Lugia is a corrupted Lugia from Pokémon Colosseum XD, it was caught by Tabuu and forced to be the guardian of Monster Island where one of the legendary crystals is kept.


  • Aerial Ace

Description: Shadow Lugia will lunge at its foes in a spiraling attack.

  • Hydro Pump

Description: Shadow Lugia will spit a stream of water from its mouth at its foes.

  • Shadow Blast

Description: Shadow Lugia unleashs a focused blast of dark energy from its body at its foes.

  • Shadow Storm

Description: Shadow Lugia will create a hurricane like storm with three tornadoes that come down to the ground while it is glowing with a dark aura.

Role in Subspace Chronicles

Shadow Lugia once was a normal Lugia that was caught by Tabuu and corrupted into Shadow Lugia. Tabuu made Shadow Lugia to be the guardian of the Fire Crystal on Monster Island.

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