Shadow Lugia is the second-to-the-last boss of the adventure mode and is fought by the Pokemon Trainers. Some of his attacks are traditional shadow moves while some of them are simple actions that are just attacks that in the real Pokemon world, neither Lugia nor Shadow Lugia can learn. I gave him these "powers" because Shadow Lugia only has 2 attacks that could deal damage:Shadow Blast and Shadow Storm. These attacks are used in this boss battle.

Storyline Events Leading Up to the Battle

After Shigeru Miiyamoto saves the last of the fighters, they all agree that as long as Tabuu is using Shadow Lugia to boost his own powers, he can't be defeated. So they agree to free Shadow Lugia from his containment chamber. Upon being freed, Shadow Lugia, angry that he was being used in such a way, attacks the fighters. The Pokemon Trainers tell the other fighters to go on ahead to fight Tabuu while they battle Shadow Lugia.

Fighting Tactics

Shadow Lugia's more unconventional moves are stomping(similar to the stomping action of Galleom) and a tail swipe(similar to Rayquaza's tail whipping action).

One of Shadow Lugia's regular attacks is Shadow Blast and is seen as a blast similar to the dragon blast used by Tabuu in his boss battle. Shadow Lugia also uses Shadow Storm, which is seen as a hydroplaning technique where Shadow Lugia slides forward on a lair of black water. Because of Shadow Lugia's sheer size, this attack is very powerful attack yet relatively easy to dodge.

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