300px Shadow The Hedgehog


Power: 3/5

Speed: 5/5

Attack Speed: 3/5

Jump: 3/5

Air speed: 2/5

Range: 3/5

Falling speed: 3/5

Weight: 3/5

Traction: 2/5

Height: 3/5


Shadow changes the tint of his fur to match the colour, his Red marking's on his head,arm and legs become the respected colour. His shoes and wristbands also change to match.




Yellow- super shadow color scheme




Shadow appears on the battlefield from a Chaos Control while holding a Green Chaos Emerald.


Shadow crosses his arms with his head tilted slightly.

Shadow rests his right hand on his side while looking side to side.


Up: " brings out a gun and cocks it and says weakling

Side: Shadow does a fast skating animation (typical Shadow fasion) and says "You can't beat me!". Similar to Sonic's Side taunt.

Down: Shadow crosses his arms, closes his eyes, and does his typical "Hmph"


Shadow brings out a green Chaos Emerald and says "Just as it should be".

Floats down from his shoes while saying "Behold the ultimate power" shadow the hedgehog

Turns around with a pointed hand while saying "Your weakness disgusts me!"


Shadow's "Hmph" is heard.


-Wall Jumping

has 3 jumps


A: Punches.

A,A: Punches then Kicks behind.

A, A, A: Punches, kicks behind then blasts out Chaos Aura from both hands.

Dash attack: Shadow turns around with his shoes blasting out fire.


Up: Shadow brings up his arm up letting out a small Chaos Magic ball

Foward: Shadow spins his leg like Sheik's except his is pointed more foward.

Down: Shadow handstands on his back then kicks foward with both of his shoes.


Up: Shadow handstands and fires of his air shoes. Think of R.O.B.

Forward: Shadow reaches forward and emits a sphere of electric energy from his palm. Think of Dr. Mario.

Down: The last move of his basic combo from Sonic 06. He whirls around and creates a small tornado. Draws opponents in.


Other Ledge Attack: Shadow slams his fist up.

100% Ledge Attack: Shadow kicks while holding the edge and flips up.

Floor Attack: Shadow attacks both directions by spinning his legs.

Above 100% Floor Attack: Shadow kicks behind him then infront.


Neutral A: Shadow unleashes a small electric charge through his body.

Forward A: Shadow spins like Sonic except he does it backwards with his feet pointed out.

Up A: Shadow lifts his leg upwards in pushing motion

Down A: Shadow pulls his feet back then slams them down. Same properties as a Meteor Smash.

Back A: Kicks behind him with one leg then quickly slams his elbow into the stomach.


Grab + A: Knees the opponent.

Side Throw: Punches the opponent in a pushing motion.

Up Throw: Tosses the opponent up then snaps his finger to rip the opponent in a vortex.

Down Throw: Stomps the opponent downwards with fire from his Air shoes.

Back Throw: Throws the opponent backwards, turns around shooting a small Chaos Spear.


B:shadow rifle- shadow pulls out a gun and fires it. Has rapid fire capabilities slightly stuns opponent if used it the air shadow will fire and slowly fall to the ground

Side B: Chaos Spear. Shadow Launches a Chaos Spear. The Spear has slight Homing. Charge to increase size

Up B: Chaos Control. Shadow brings out a Green Chaos Emerald and uses Chaos control. If your enemy is very close to you, he'll be teleported with you and wil be stunned. This move can Teleport anywhere like Mewtwo's except that it has much more range.

Down B: chaos shield- shadow surronds himself with a green shield this absorbs any projectile and lowers his damage percentage. Does not protect from final smash projectiles or explosive projectiles

FINAL SMASH "super shadow"

Shadow uses the Seven Emeralds to transform into Super Shadow it allows him to fly around like sonic and he is invincible but to attack hit the attack button to fire five large chaos spears forward or hit the special move button to unleash chaos blast. Chaos blast has the same radius as a smart bomb and causes damage similar to the smart bomb

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