Character Information
Gender Male
Species Undead
Debut Mortal Kombat
Arcade, 1992
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor

Smash Bros. appearances Super Smash Bros. Inferno
Scorpion is the poster character for the Mortal Kombat series. He appears as a secret character in Super Smash Bros. Inferno, and is labelled as a Technique character.

Trophy Description

Driven by hatred, Scorpion has managed to return from the dead in search for Sub-Zero, a cryokinetic ninja whom he thought killed his family. In order to counter his ice-based attacks, Scorpion has pyrokinetic powers. Scorpion is one of the most brutal of the Mortal Kombat champions, and it shows with his numerous fatalities and lack of remorse or respect for his opponents..

How to unlock Scorpion

  • Clear Classic Mode with every character (besides him) on Hard difficulty or higher.
  • Play 800 single matches.
  • Have him join you in Story Mode.


Scorpion has a variety of moves that are effective close-range or from a distance. A lot of his moves have the burn effect on opponents.


Input Move Description Damage
Neutral Spear Scorpion sticks his palm out forward and his spear shoots out some 15 feet. if it hits anyone, Scorpion says his trademark "GET OVER HERE!" and reals the (stunned) opponent in for a free hit. if it doesn't hit anyone, the spear will stay suspended for a second and quickly come back. Can be used to get items. Allows tether recovery. 5%
Side Leg Takedown Scorpion trips his opponent with a leg scissor takedown. 8%
Up Flameport Teleporting behind his opponent, Scorpion connects with a flaming uppercut after he hits the opponent. 11%
Down Hellfire Scorpion summons the fires of Hell to burn his opponent from underneath. 15%
Final Smash TOASTY! Scorpion removes his mask to reveal a skull for a head and unleashes a big wave of flame from his mouth and eyes that does great damage and knockback. 35-40%

Palette Swaps

  • Black and yellow armor
  • Black and red armor (Red Team)
  • Black and blue armor (Blue Team)
  • Black and green armor (Green Team)
  • Black and purple armor
  • Black and grey armor


  • Entrance: Scorpion appears out of a burst of flames.
  • Taunt 1: Scorpion clasps his head and screams as his eyes glow yellow.
  • Taunt 2:
  • Taunt 3:
  • Victory 1: Scorpion teleports away.
  • Victory 2:
  • Victory 3:
  • Lost: Scorpion is seen with his back turned to the screen, arms crossed.
  • Idle:

Role in Story Mode




  • Because of his inclusion, the game is rated T. The same thing happened with Super Smash Bros. Brawl because of the inclusion of Solid Snake.
  • Scorpion's palette swaps are refferences to the other Mortal Kombat ninjas: Ermac, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Rain, and Noob Saibot.

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