Samto (サムトー, Samuto) is a mercenary who poses as the infamous Nabarl. He is hired by General Lang, who believes Samto to be Nabarl, as a means to defeat the Altean army. He can be recruited by Shiida, who at first believes him to be Nabarl, but quickly realises that is not the case. Samto explains that he's just a humble mercenary, but he looks so much like Nabarl that he thought he'd let people continue mistaking him. If he is recruited by Ogma, Ogma mentions he's disappointed with Nabarl joining the enemy yet again, but understands the two would have to duel eventually. Samto panics and confesses his true identity. Originally he was a gladiator, but he and his friends were saved by Ogma, who distracted the keepers and ended up getting caught and punished. After the war ends, Samto disappears, although there are rumours that he continues masquerading as Nabarl. If Nabarl died before the end, Samto trains himself in order to succeed him.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Samto appears as a young NPC in Super Smash Sisters. He fights as if he were Nabarl could. Once again, he is mistaken for Nabarl this time by Toshiie Maeda.

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