Safari Wilds Safari Wilds is a Ninjai Revolt stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. Revolution. At the beginning, a tank-like creature is riding through the desert. At the top of a cliff, looking at this, are Marth, Meta Knight, and Saskai. Saskai jumps off the cliff to investigate the tank-like creature. Marth and Meta Knight look at each other, then Meta Knight jumps off the cliff. Marth follows. After venturing through the desert, the swordsmen arrive at where the tank-like creature stopped. It transforms into Galleom, whom Marth, Saskai, and Meta Knight fight. After he is defeated, Galleom jumps off the cliff and lands on the ground, which breaks. He then drops down into The Ruined Hall.

After this, Mario, Patunini, Kirby, Link, and Yoshi, currently tracking down the Ninjai Sakai, venture through the Safari. After making it through the desert, they attack the Ninjai, only to miss. A R.O.B. clings onto the Subspace Bomb that the Ninjai holds, but lets go of it. It crashes down onto the ground (destroying the one R.O.B.). Two R.O.B.s come over and activate the bomb, whereas Mario and Patunini try to depatch the R.O.B.s from the bomb, but two more R.O.B.s come to take Mario and Patunini away. The bomb activates, and everything around is sucked into Revolt. Mario rides Yoshi, while Kirby, Patunini, and Link ride on a Warp Star. Behind a Gatomon Rushes towards to tell the News.

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