SHADOW CLONE JUTSU! I bet you've heard of Naruto, and now he's joining the REVOLUTION! Are you ready for this ninja?

How to Unlock

Note: You must defeat Naruto in a Standard match after completing the previous requirement.


  • Can crawl.
  • Can wall jump.


  • Can't walk. Weird, isn't it? He can only run.

Special Moves

  • Nuetral Special: Rasengan
Naruto forms a Rasengan then hits the opponent with it.
  • Side Special: Kunai
Throws a kunai.
  • Up Special: Rising Punch
Jumps up and punches.
  • Down Special: Low Kick
Naruto bends down and kicks forward.
  • Final Smash: Kyuubi Form
Transforms into his Kyuubi form.

Kyuubi Form


  • Naruto's Kyuubi form has increased speed and strength.
  • The longer you're in this form, the more powerful you get. Changes until he has 4 tails.
  • If you get a smashball in this form, it becomes permanent until you're KO'd.


  • It only last for about 30 seconds without the smash ball.
  • Nuetral Special: Claw Attack
Similar to Agumon's side special.
  • Side Special: Chakra Arm
Creates an arm of chakra to attack.
  • Up Special: Claw Spin
A spinning move. Uses his claws to attack and rise up.
  • Down Special: Kyuubi Low Kick
A more powerful form of the normal Low Kick.
  • Final Smash: Chakra Beam
An attack similar to Samus's final smash. It also makes Kyuubi form permanent until he's KO'd.

Snake Codec Message


Snake: Is that a ninja?
Otacon: Yes. But his name is Naruto Uzumaki. He's a ninja from the village of Konoha. He wants to someday become the Hokage, which is the leader and most powerful ninja of Konoha. He specializes in using chakra, which is greatly enhanced by the Kyuubi imprisoned inside of his body. You'd better stay away from him if he is in Kyuubi form.
Snake: I have a question.
Otacon: Yes?
Snake: Can repeat everything you just said?
Otacon: Uhh... Just fight from long distance, ok?
Snake: Got it.

Kyuubi Form Naruto

Snake: What happened to the ninja?
Otacon: I told you, his name is Naruto. And he's gone into his Kyuubi form.
Snake: Kyuubi? What's that?
Otacon: Kyuubi means nine-tailed fox.
Snake: Oh great! Another fox!
Otacon: Just avoid him. Use long ranged attacks, okay Snake?.
Snake: Yeah, sure.

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