You know, it's fun making a Digimon's profile. It may be hard at times, but it's still pretty fun. Ok, time to stop talking! And this is the longest profile I've made.... so far!


How to Unlock

  • Clear Classic mode with Agumon on the Hard difficulty.

Note: You must defeat Impmon in a standard match after completing the previous reequirement.


  • Can triple jump.
  • Can crawl.


  • Not very strtong physically.

Special Moves

Nuetral Special: Night of Fire

Impmon creates a small fire ball at his finger tips then hurls it at the opponent.

Side Special: Summon

Impmon creates two rings of fire, one within the other, and creates a sphere of fire from the ring, which he then hurls at the target.

Up Special: Big Jump

Does a large jump.

Down Special: Dadadada Kick

Impmon kicks downwards multiple times.

Final Smash: Warp Digivolution

Warp Digivolves into Beelzemon.


  • Note: Is permanent until KO'd.

Special Moves

Nuetral Special: Double Impact

Rapidly shoot foes with the dual shotguns Berenjena.

Side Special: Darkness Claw

Slashes an enemy with claws infused with dark energy.

Up Special: Giant Jump

A stronger version of Big Jump.

Down Special: Behemoth

Identical to Wario's side special, only with the bike Behemoth.

Final Smash: Blast Mode

Turns into Beelzemon Blast Mode. Is like Yoshi's Super Dragon, since he can fly, only Beelzemon Blast Mode can do several diferent moves.

Blast Mode!

Blast Mode

Nuetral Special: Death Slinger

Fires a dark blast from his cannon.

Side Special: Chaos Flare

Traces a Pentagram then fires a dark flare from his cannon.

Snake Codec Message


  • Snake: Colonel! What's with the demon thing?!
  • Colonel: That would be Impmon.
  • Snake: What a suiting name...
  • Colonel: Well, no matter how suiting the name, this digimon's got attitude.
  • Snake: Another Digimon? What's this one do?
  • Colonel: Impmon creates fireballs in his hand and fires them at you. And if he digivolves, watch out. You'll be in trouble.
  • Snake: Thanks, Colonel.
  • Colonel: You're welcome.


  • Snake: That guy scares me a bit.
  • Otacon: That's Beelzemon, Impmon's mega form. In this form, he has two shotguns and rides a motorcycle named Behemoth.
  • Snake: Seriously?
  • Otacon: Yeah, seriously. And if he gets his claws on a smashball, run!
  • Snake: Why?
  • Otacon: Just trust me on this.

Beelzemon Blast Mode

  • Snake: Otacon! I need some help here!
  • Otacon: Beelzemon got the smash ball, didn't he? I told you to run.
  • Snake: I know, but let's just get to the point. What can you tell me about this guy?
  • Otacon: That's Beelzemon Blast Mode. In this form, his shotguns are replace by one large cannon, and he grows wings.
  • Snake: I can see that.
  • Otacon: Well, if you want my advice, this is going to be a hard match. His blasts are way more powerful now, and he can fly at high speeds. So keep your gaurd up.
  • Snake: Don't worry, I think I have an idea...

Other Info

  • Big Jump and Giant Jump are made up for this game, seeing as I couldn't find a good Up Special.

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