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Has anybody ever heard of Digimon?! Even if you haven't, you will now! Because Agumon is becoming part of the Revolution!

How to Unlock

  • Clear Classic mode with Pikachu on Hard difficulty 3 times without using any continues.

Note: You must defeat Agumon in a standard match after completing the previous requirement.

  • Defeat Mario's team in "Tournament of the Titans"


  • Jumps twice as high as most fighters.
  • Can crawl.


  • Is slow (Except in final smash).

Special Moves

  • Nuetral Special: Pepper Breath
Agumon shoots out a blast of fire from his mouth.
  • Side Special: Claw Attack
Agumon lunges forward, clawing and scratching.
  • Up Special: Spitfire Blast
Agumon shoots a blast of fire at the ground to send him flying upwards.
  • Down Special: Ground Pound
Agumon punches the ground and sends a rock flying forward.
  • Final Smash: Warp Digivolution
Agumon warp digivolves into ShineGreymon. For moves, see below.

ShineGreymon Special Moves

  • Nuetral Special: Shine Hammer
A powerful punch of shining energy.
  • Side Special: Sparkle Shoot
Similar to PK Fire. ShineGreymon shoots multiple shots of light from his palms.
  • Up Special: Take Flight
ShineGreymon flaps his wings and flies up on a gust of air. Can be aimed like Diddy Kong's up special.
  • Down Special: Corona Splash
An explosion of light energy. Is chargable for up to 5 seconds. The longer it's charged, the bigger it is.

Snake Codec Message


Snake: Hey Colonel, what's up with this dinosaur thing?
Colonel: That's Agumon, a Digimon.
Snake: A what?
Colonel: A Digimon, that's short for Digital Monster.
Snake: Well, what does he do?
Colonel: He fights using his fire breath mainly, so just stay out of his range and you'll be fine.
Snake: Thanks Colonel, but I just want to know something. What are those things around his wrists?


Snake: Colonel, what is that thing?!
Colonel: That would be ShineGreymon, Snake. He's the mega form of Agumon.
Snake: How'd that little dinosaur turn into that?
Colonel: He Digivolved.
Snake: Uhh.... Digivolved?
Colonel: You don't know what that means, do you? Digivolution is when a Digimon changes into a more powerful form.
Snake: So, I can expect a tough time fighting this thing?
Colonel: That's right.

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