Princess Rosalina

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Rosalina, ruler of the Lumas, appears in NINTENDO VS. SEGA!!!. All her attacks are Luma based.


Real-Life Appearences

  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Mario Kart Wii


  • Neutral B
  • Star Bit toss
  • A Luma flys into her hand and spits out star bits (hold to use rapid fire)
  • Side B
  • Luma Punch
  • A Luma flys around her head, and she grabs it and punches with it (hold to charge)
  • Down B
  • Forcefield
  • She creates a forcefield around her and Lumas power it, can only use for 10 sec.
  • Up B
  • Luma Chain
  • Lumas form a chain and drag her upward
  • Final Smash
  • Welcome... Welcome New Galaxy!!!
  • Mario's voice is heard in the background saying: "WELCOME...WELCOME NEW GALAXY!!!" and the Lumas spread out, transporting the stage to a random galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy.It stays like that for 10 seconds.Each ones do the following, and do not effect the Final Smash Rosalina (unless it is super fast, or low gravity)
  • Ghostly Glaxy - Scares everyone, makes them unable to move,sometimes, Boos posses the players
  • Good Egg Galaxy - Makes everyone go faster, eggs fall from the sky
  • Space Junk Galaxy - Makes everyone dizzy, unable to move
  • Sweet Sweet Galaxy - Makes everyone unable to jump, as the ground is covered in icing


A good way to defeat her, is to use projectile attacks, and fast characters (such as Sonic,Shadow,QQQ and Rogue.) But beware of her Star-Bit toss.


  • On the character selection,the announcer says Princess Rosetta, no matter what language it is set to.

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