Referred to as a priestess of the Ainu religion, she greatly admires her older sister, and like her, strives to protect nature. In her ending to Samurai Shodown V, it is revealed to players that Nakoruru adopts her at a young age. Although she is still training and not as adept as her sister at fighting, she repels evil from the forest for her elder sister. When her sister departs, Rimururu often follows her in hopes of offering assistance. In Samurai Shodown III, she somewhat misread the evil presence in the land to be Amakusa and pursed him. Nakoruru originally forbids her younger sister's attempts to be a priestess but relents once she recognizes Rimururu's resolve.

In Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage, Rimururu is a "Maiden of Light" like her sister. She was imprisoned by Oboro twenty years ago and cannot awaken to help her sister. The players need to rescue Rimururu for Nakoruru. When the sisters unite, they seal Oboro and his weaponry after his defeat.

Her resolve as priestess is shaken in Edge of Destiny as she can't hear Nature's voice anymore. Determined to not make her sister worry, Rimururu leaves her home with hopes to find the reasoning on her own.

Super Smash Sisters

Rimururu is a playable character in SSS. She joins along with her sister. She brings her spirit Konru and her sword Shikanna-Kamui-ryū Tōbu-jutsu to battle.

To Unlock

  • Successfully Execute 5 Team Final smashes with Nakoruru
  • 525 Matches
  • Get her on your team in New Order

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