Part1: The Normal Days

     ===Level 1:Mario VS. DK===
              You start out As Mario,Luigi,Yoshi,&Wario. DK Steals Peach. You Fight Some Kong grunts. After All of them are defeating All of them Diddy kong comes. Yoshi & Wario Say They'll Stall him. He's Your first Boss. Mario & Luigi Fight Heavy Kongs. DK Comes.
               After He's Defeated Peach is freed. Bowser Comes To Destroy Mario. Mario,Luigi,Peach,&DK. After He's defeated Primids Come. Destroy Them. Mario Thinks about it. It Takes Place on Tutorial Jungle.
     ===Level 2:Smash Meeting===
              Mario Calls All Smash Bros. He asks 3 Smashers to Step Forward. Luigi,Sonic,&Link Step Forward. They train against Ganondorf,Shadow,Waluigi,&Bowser. You Go Threw 4 Rounds in Any order. It takes Place on smasher cliff.
     ===Level 3:Calling ALL Heroes===
              optimus prime fights Bonecrusher and kills him.MORE COMING SOON!!!

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