Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of Rayman solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see Rayman.


Rayman comes from another game franchise I've never played. I don't know why I've never played it, I just haven't. This smash bio is based on what I know about him and stuff I've read on wikipedia.

How to Unlock

  • Play 620 standard matches
  • Clear 20 or more events

Note:You must unlock Rayman after 1 of the above requirements is met in order to unlock him.

  • Get Rayman to join your party in "Tabuu's Revenge:Space-Time Chaos" (to do this, find and collect the large Rayman trophy)
  • link and pikachu's classic mode in very hard

Weight Category: Light,Middle, and heavyweight


  • Can Glide using his hair
  • Side smash move is a punch with projectile properties

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move:Fist Launch

Description: Like Peanut Popgun with his fist, but without backfiring or leaving an item, however the fist rubberbands back, and during that time Rayman cannot move, and the fist no longer does damage.

  • Side Special Move:Shock Rocket

Description:Similar to Samus' Missile.

  • Up Special Move:Throttle Copter

Description:Rayman uses his hair as a helicopter. Strictly a recovery move. No damage dealt.

  • Down Special Move:Heavy Metal Fist

Description:Rayman's fist becomes encased in metal which he then uses to punch opponents with powerful force.

  • Final Smash:Raving Rabbids Rampage

Description:Similar to King Dedede's Waddle Dee Army except that it uses Rabbids(several yelling "DAAAAAAAH!"). All "species" of Rabbids are used. Some of the Rabbids also fire plungers. After the attack is finished, the stage is littered in Plunger items.

Snake Codec Message


Mei Ling:"What's up, Snake?"

Snake:"There's this weird guy here. He's got hands, feet and a head, but no arms, legs or neck connecting them to his body."

Mei Ling:"Oh, that's Rayman. He's got a lot of special powers. He can fire his fists and can glide and even fly using his hair."

Snake:"But what about his background? Is he an alien? A mutant? What?"

Mei Ling:"Actually, not much is known about that. He was found in a fisherman's net."

Snake:"I guess we'll just have to dissect him to find out what he is."

Mei Ling:"Uh, Snake... Don't kill him."

Fighting against Rayman

Get up close to Rayman, where his neutral and side special moves lose their effectiveness. If he begins using Heavy Metal Fist, do one of two things. Either attack him to interrupt the attack, or run away. If you're too slow to run away, attack. Don't use down aerial attacks as Rayman is relatively fast to get out of the way. And don't use any attacks that leave you vulnerable for more than a split second.

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