Psyco Gundam
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The Psyco Gundam from Mobiel Suit Zeta Gundam
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The Psyco Gundam! An evil Gundam is in along with Psyco Gundam mk-2 in Super Smash sisters.


As the Earth Federation Forces' Titans force continued to build up its military and political power in its crusade to rule the Earth Sphere with an iron fist, one area of research actively pursued by the Titans was "cyber Newtypes" - artificially-engineered Newtypes who could operate revolutionary new Newtype-controlled weapons. At their Murasame Laboratory in Japan, the Titans built the Federation's first Newtype-use unit, the MRX-009 Psyco Gundam. Equipped with a psycommu ("psychic communicator") system similar to that developed by the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War (hence the name "Psyco," which is short for "psycommu"), the Psyco Gundam's tremendous beam weapon firepower could be controlled by the pilot's mere thoughts. The Psyco Gundam was heavily armed, sporting a 3-barreled scattering beam gun in its chest, ten beam guns in its fingers and a 2-barrel beam gun in its head, making the unit capable of attacking several targets at one (or levelling lots of real estate). Due to its massive size, the Psyco Gundam could transform into a "mobile fortress" mode equipped with a Minovsky craft system to give it high-altitude atmospheric flight. The Psyco Gundam's chosen pilot was Murasame Labs' cyber Newtype "Number Four," or Four Murasame, and the unit was soon dispatched to destroy the AEUG and Karaba forces operating on Earth. The Psyco Gundam was severely damaged during an AEUG mission to launch Kamille Bidan and his RX-178 Gundam Mark II back out into space, and the Psyco Gundam was taken to the Titans' Kilimanjaro base in Africa, where it would be repaired and equipped with an experimental new "psycho-control chair," further enhancing Four's abilities to control the Psyco Gundam.


The Psyco Gundam appears with Psyco Gundam mk-2 in The New Order as bosses. Unlike most franchises the 2 Mobile Armors have lines. They appear when you revive Mist and Micaiah. An alarm goes off and the 2 mobile armors appear via Mobile Fortress Mode. They catch you saying there's no way out and asks if you would like to join. The player, Palutena,Mist and Micaiah refuse then they attack.

After defeat the other Fire Emblem girls are saved and revived.

Attack Method

  • Beam laser: The psyco Gundam shots a laser from it's right hand.
  • Stomp: It lifts it right leg and tries to stomp on you.
  • Grab and throw: It brings it's right and out to grab you. Should it connect it will throw you.
  • One-Two Combo: If you try to attack from the air it will simply punch you with it's right and left hands.
  • Shield Arm swing: The psyco Gundam swings it's left arm with shield attached around in a circle.
  • Mobile Fortress Mode: The large mobile armor goes into Mobile Fortress Mode and tries to ram you.
  • Mega Explosion: It unleashes a large explosion that covers a wide range and deals a hell lot of damage.



"How about it? Care to join the New Order?" "No way!" "Not for you i won't!" "I will not do it!" "Then you shall die!" Psyco Gundam, Mist, Micaiah, Palutena.

"You dare to challenge me?!" Taunt

"That is what you get!" Tossing you away.

"Take this and that!" One two attack.

"Here i come!" Before changing to Mobile Fortress Mode.

"Say goodbye!" preparing his explosion attack.

"Look at the size of that thing!" Krystal commenting on it's size.

"Watch out! The Psyco Gundam is preparing something!" Bright Noa's warning of an attack.


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