Porky Minch hasn't really changed since his appearance in Brawl. In fact, he's changed so little, I'm not gonna bother telling you how to beat him. I'm sure you guys can figure it out for yourselves.

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Events leading up to the boss battle

After the events of The Subspace Emissary, Porky, along with Ridley and Petey Piranha were trapped in subspace. They waited then one day, the antagonists came and accidently revived Tabuu. While Porky and Petey begged to be rejoin the ranks Tabuu's army, Ridley refused and was turned into a trophy. Tabuu didn't dispose of him the way he did with Black Shadow, Ganondorf, Protoman, Metal Sonic and King K. Rool because unlike them, Ridley had an intimate knowledge of Tabuu's weaknesses. So he kept Ridley in subspace and guarded him.

Super Smash Sisters

Porky Minch appears in his spider mech as a boss in SSS1. He tries to escape with Paula, Kumatora and ana, but is stopped and tries to fight the players.

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