Character Information
Universe Fire Emblem
Gender Female
Species Human
Debut Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor

Petrine is a paladin appearing in Super Smash Sisters.


Petrine is one of Daein's Four Riders during the Mad King's War. She is first seen ordering a soldier (or Dakova) out of her camp depending on the player's action. She then continues her pursuit of Elincia. Petrine had wondered why she lost her trust in Ashnard as she was given a tactician. She confronts ike in chapter 7 and has Balmer deal with the Greil Mercenaries. At first she cornered Ike and Greil until some laguz roars could be heard then she orders a retreat. When Kayachey's defense of Tor Garen didn't work, she turned to Homasa to assist Naesala in the battle of the Daein Border. After Naesala deserts the battle, Petrine knew why she hated the raven laguz from the very start and threatens to execute a messenger until he leaves. She heads to Talrega and informs Shiharam of the danger Ike would pose to Daein and orders an immediate flood. After the Black Knight arrives with Lehran's medallion, she orders him to send the medallion to Ashnard when Ena comes back from visiting Nasir. After the Daein Keep is taken, Petrine moves the rest of Daien forces to the Melior castle and presents to her king, Lehran's Medallion. Ashnard had no more trust to Ena so he ordered Petrine to execute her. At Riven Bridge, Petrine sets up traps for Ike and his men for when they try to cross. Ike manages to make it across and kills Petrine who begs for her king's forgiveness. In the Fire Emblem games, Petrine is so far the only female of the Michalis Archetype.


Petrine is an unlockable character in Super Smash Sisters. She uses her flame lance in battle to fight her opponents.

To Unlock

  • Win 204 Matches
  • Get 850 ft or more in Home Run Contest.

Fight her and win after fulfilling the above conditions.

  • Get her on your side in The New Order.

Special Moves

B:Fireball Description:Petrine swings her flame lance upward sending a ball of fire out at her opponent.

B Side:Blazing Slash Description:Petrine dashes forward while she spins her flame lance out in front of herself then swings it upwards.

B Up:Blitz Fire Description:Petrine flies upwards through the air as she swings her flame lance right, then left, then right and finally down to send her opponent to the ground.

B Down:Fire Trail Description:Petrine moves her flame lance to the right and swings to the left while scrapping the ground in front of her sending a trail of flame 3 Bowsers wide in front of herself urning anyone trying to touch it.

Final Smash:Deathly Explosion Description:Petrine spins her lance above herself as she prepares something. She slams her lance into the gorund and then a chain of explosions are sent everywhere along the ground blowing up her opponents and sending them flying away.



"Such a stupid fool!" Petrine's Up Taunt.

"I have no use for the King anyway." Petrine's Side Taunt.

"This isn't a game. Use your head!" Petrine's Down Taunt.

"Let me give your last dance with my Flame Lance!" Petrine's Entry quote.

"Dog breath! That's all you are!" Petrine's 1st Victory.

"Too bad. Not a worthy adversary." Petrine's 2nd Victory.

"Ha ha! Even Ike can't stop me!" Petrine's 3rd Victory.

"Your throne belongs to Ashnard now her excellency!" Petrine's victory over Elincia.

"Ike's head will be mine!" Petrine's victory over Ike.

"IN YOUR FACE! Kanzaki!" Petrine's victory over Sumire Kanzaki.


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