Petey Piranha returns as a boss character. This time around he has no cages so he can't use them as weapons. This means he has to go old school.

Events leading to his appearance


Is he impersonating the creature from the black lagoon?

After the events of The Subspace Emissary, Petey Piranha, along with Ridley and Porky Minch, became trapped in subspace. Until the villains(The Shake King, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Ganondorf, Protoman, Black Shadow and King K. Rool) showed up in subspace. Petey, Porky and Ridley saw this as an opportunity to get back so they stowed away on their ships and waited, but because of the fact that Tabuu's heart can't survive outside of subspace, the three of them simply went around in a circle.

When Tabuu was revived, Petey Piranha and Porky Minch begged to rejoin Tabuu's ranks. Ridley refused and, as a result, was turned into a trophy.

Fighting Tactics

Since Petey Piranha no longer has his cages, he must rely on his more traditional moves to fight. He will fly up and attempt to slam you into the ground. He will also spit goop at you. If it hits you, your speed and reaction time will slow down dramatically for a short time. If it misses, a piranha plant will grow at the spot it hit, creating a hazard. Petey Piranha also uses headbutts, which are very easy to avoid but have massive KO potential.

Super Smash Sisters

Petey Piranha returns as a boss character for the SSS series. At the beginning of the Adventure mode, he has no cages to use against the player, but will use his plant arms, teeth and body to crush you.

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