Orbits of Clouds Orbits of Clouds is a Ninjai Revolt level in Super Smash Bros. Revolution. Here, Kirby leaves Rosalina behind, only for her to get shot by Mecha Bowser. Then, False Bowser decomposes into the ground and reaches the princess, rendering her False. Link/Patunini attacks the False Princess, as Yoshi/Mario follows him. From a distance, Patunini/Yoshi and Mario/Link overhear them fighting; Mario/Link gets the wrong idea when he sees the Princess turned into a trophy, so the four fight. After one of the teams is turned into trophies, King Dedede drives by in a carrier (which he stole from Wario earlier) and snatches the defeated trophies. Just then, Kirby turns the defeated team back into humans. While King Dedede is distracted, Patunini/Link pops one of the carrier's tires with an arrow. King Dedede flees the scene, Zelda wanders off with Nazi; the heroes track him down and think he took zelda.

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