Nyna (ニーナ, Niena, referred to as Nina in fan translations) is the Princess of Akaneia.

After Akaneia is invaded by Doluna, Nyna was to be executed with the rest of her family. Fortunately, she was protected by the Grustian Sable Knight Camus, who eventually hands her over to Akaneia's ally, Hardin in the Kingdom of Aurelis. Assisted by Hardin, she joins up with Marth and eventually accompanies him in his quest, handing over the Akaneian royal treasure, the Fire Emblem, to Marth. Unfortunately, Marth's quest led him to fight against Camus, in which Camus was defeated. Nyna was struck with grief when she thought Camus died, but she held up and accompanies Marth to the end of his quest.

After the war, Nyna was forced by Boah to make a choice on who is to be the new emperor of Akaneia. The Two choices were Marth and Hardin, the only two eligible male royalty left. Not really interested in either as her heart lied with Camus, she finally to propose to Hardin after a long period of thinking as she is also a good friend of Shiida and did not want to break her heart. As she loved only Camus but was pressured to love Hardin, she had to pretend to love Hardin, which in turn shatters his heart and later turned over the dark side after he found out the truth, because of this she blamed herself for Hardin's fall to darkness. Before she was taken by Gharnef to be sacrificed for Medeus' revival, she managed to entrust the Fire Emblem to her apprentice Linde and orders her to give it to Marth. In the end, Sirius, a masked knight who Nyna suspects is Camus, wakes her up from Medeus' mind control. Afterwards, she left the kingdom in Marth's hands and vanished, presumably following Sirius.

Super Smash Sisters

Nyna is a playable character for SSS. Unlike Monsho no Nazo, Nyna has more playable time. She can use the Thoron thunder tome and other thunder magic to fight. She finds out from Manon that Camus is alive and kicking.

To Unlock

  • Beat 50 Man fight
  • 192 Matches

Win the match that follows those 2.

  • Get her on your side in New Order.

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