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Character Information
Gender None (the game refers to NiGHTS as female)
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor

Some of you think NiGHTS is a girl because of the appearance & voice, but the game refers to NiGHTS as male. I'll just refer to NiGHTS as a girl for this game.


NiGHTS was one of first two (the other Reala) Nightmaren created by Wizeman. However, unlike Reala, NiGHTS rebelled against Wizeman's plans & was trapped in an Ideya Palace. Only the Red Ideya of Courage can free NiGHTS. After which she must fly through rings picking up Blue Chips & grabbing keys to break the cages. This was the only way to escape.


NiGHTS is a secret character. You unlock her when you enter her name in the CODE bar.


NiGHTS is floaty & somewhat like Mewtwo when she moves. As such, she is easily killed due to her lightweight & floatiness.


  • Reala, you coward, let them go!
  • You're the one who's a puppet! A puppet for Wizeman!
  • Let's see which one of us is just a mere puppet then. You & me, one on one!
  • All from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams


  • She has Reala as an alternate costume. She also has the following add-ons: the Owl, a Nightopian & a Chao that resembles her from Sonic Adventure 2 or something.
  • She turns into Dolphin NiGHTS when she enters water.

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