Nene (ねね) essentially replaces Kunoichi in Samurai Warriors 2 but has different techniques to separate herself from her. She is Hideyoshi's devoted wife.


Nene has been supporting Hideyoshi since his days serving under Nobunaga. When Mitsuhide betrays his master, her husband races to avenge his lord at Yamazaki. Wanting to support her husband and her three closest "children" (Kiyomasa, Masanori, and Mitsunari), she joins them in battle to support and encourage them. Although Hideyoshi wins the battle and becomes Nobunaga's successor, Oichi dislikes Hideyoshi's new rule and asks Katsuie to assist her rebellion at Shizugatake. Upon their victory, the Oda clan disappears.

Ieyasu then challenges her husband's position to power at Komaki-Nagakute. Whilst in battle, Hanzō barricades the normal road to Inuyama Castle and charges for Hideyoshi. Nene is the only one who can intercept him as she uses the ninja path. With her husband planning to subjugate the Hōjō and Date, Nene decides to secure the sea route for the Odawara Campaign and personally rid of the pirates allied with the Hōjō. With the excuse that he doesn't want to impose on her further, Hideyoshi sends her a letter requesting Chacha to be by his side. Not wanting him to play with his courtesan, Nene comes personally to assist the western siege of Odawara Castle. Their victory unites the land and she celebrates by making a delicious meal for her "family".

In her dream stage, she goes out in the midst of Sekigahara to protect her husband's dream of a happy world. She delivers spankings to the "naughty children" in the Western and Eastern armies. Kobayakawa and Okuni help her out. When she wins the battle, Nene scolds both armies for not playing nice with one another.

Wanting to protect Ieyasu for future support of his dream yet busy with other matters, Hideyoshi asks her to aid Ieyasu's escape through Iga in Samurai Warriors 3. Upon her arrival, she meets Hanzō and supports the shinobi. As Ieyasu escapes, Nene is inspired by the experience and Hanzō's professionalism to continue helping her beloved and three "children". Believing in her husband's dream of a happy land, she continues to support him in opposing Mitsuhide, Katsuie, and Ieyasu. At Komaki-Nagakute, she quickly routs Ieyasu and Hanzō but is surprised by Tadakatsu and Motochika's final resistance. Thanks to her efforts, Hideyoshi prevails.

Her husband's new allies work together to conquer the rest of the land and combine their strengths a final time to defeat Ujiyasu. She attempts to infiltrate Odawara Castle the night before their siege, but she is discovered by Kotarō. Rescued by Hanzō, she repays the favor by protecting Ieyasu the following day. After the Hōjō's defeat, she once again makes lunch for her "family" and she delivers it to them while riding her ninja kite. Perhaps a slight goof on her part, she struggles to find a way to safely land so she can join them.

Super Smash Sisters

Nene appears as one of the playable ninja in Super Smash Sisters. She is motherly to her friends, even shown when she makes love to a girl. She is unlockable.

How to Unlock

  • Complete Classic with 10 characters.
  • 150 matches

If you do the first 2, win the match that follows then she is available.

  • Recruit her in New Order

Special Moves

  • B: Dual Blade: Nene connects her blades together and sends them spinning out in front of her. Pressing the button once more splits the blades apart and they individually come back to her.
  • B Side: Grounded Driver: Nene lunges forward, grabs an enemy, and piledrives them into the ground as she yells "I told you!".
  • B Up: Roller Sword: Nene knocks her foe up with her blades, spins upward to slice them up, and finishes by throwing a bomb down for her enemy's landing.
  • B Down: Spinning Dragon Kick: Nene first does s spinning kick with her right leg, then left, then right, and finishes by kicking up knocking her opponent into the air.
  • Final Smash: Punishment: Nene stands straight and points "You need to play nice!" then runs forward. If she connects, she first does a fast auto combo with her blades then finishes doing a somersault kick. After that, she says "Don't make me tell you again!"

Meryl Codec Message

  • Meryl:Meryl here.
  • Masanori Fukushima:Hey Meryl! It's Masanori speaking.
  • Meryl:Who called you for a reason?
  • Masanori Fukushima:I asked Naomi to borrow her codec.
  • Meryl:Hmmm
  • Masanori Fukushima:Anyway, Nene is the wife of our lord Hideyoshi Toyotomi and is a ninja. She treats me like i'm her son as well as the big head Mitsunari and Kiyomasa.
  • Meryl:*sigh*I had a mother.
  • Masanori Fukushima:Just watch yourself and take care now kid.

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