Natsu is a smart and outspoken person seen by many of her schoolmates as a sister figure. With a sharp personality, she dislikes liars and people who bully the weak. And because she acts more of a man than a girl, many boys in school are afraid of her, but her female schoolmates almost inundate her with love letters every day. Although many see her as boyish, she is an excellent cook, and has the heart of a girl who longs for true love. Which is probably why she actually likes the fact that she knows a guy who she argues with almost everyday--Shoma.

Her motivation is to find the persons responsible for the attacks on Gorin, which included the highest-ranked member of the school volleyball club. She joins Shoma and Roberto in similar investigations, although she frequently argues with Shoma over how to go about it.

Natsu is shown as suspicious of new student Momo, and disagrees with Shoma when he believes that they should help Momo out. After Shoma leaves to invesitage on his own with Momo, Natsu joins Roberto and Nagare in looking for the culprits of the new school disturbance. Later, she is the first to welcome back Shoma after he is betrayed by Momo.

Super Smash Sisters

Natsu is a playable character in Smash Sisters. She uses her volleyball skills and can also glow her volleyballs to do more damage. Without Shoma near her, she secretly loves Momo Karuizawa.

To Unlock

  • Let King Hippo deliver the KO that wins a match 6 times.
  • 587 Matches

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