Naruto Uzumaki

"One day, I will become Hokage!"
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Naruto Uzumaki is the jinchuuriki that has the Kyuubi sealed within himself that made him a outcast cause of the villagers hating him because of the beast sealed within himself, but he found some true friends that turned that around and now he continues on with his dream to become the hokage! Now he joins the Smash series as one of the characters from Naruto Shippuden~!

Special Abilities

By pressing back and guard, Naruto can replace himself with a log when a foe attacks him and reappears behind his foe to get a attack from behind.

Also Naruto can transform into Sennin Mode Naruto by using his Final Smash.

Special Moves

  • Nuetral Special Move: Rasengan

Description: Naruto will form a ball of spiraling chakra that he will ram into his foes. This move can be charged to do extra damage.

  • Side Special Move: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)

Description: Naruto will make a handsign and create two shadow clones that will dash at his foes that will kick and punch them for a short while. If you point up when using this move, Naruto will make a chain of shadow clones to cling to a edge.

  • Up Special Move: Uzumaki Rendan (Uzumaki Barrage)

Description: Naruto will create more shadow clones to kick his foe upward then flips over his foe to kick the foe downward to the ground. Note: This move only works one foe at a time.

  • Down Special Move: Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)

Description: Naruto will wipe his blood onto his hand and smacks the ground which will summon Gamakichi from a smoke cloud that will spray a stream of water from his mouth, which can knock any foes away that was hit by it.

  • Final Smash: Fuuton: Rasen-Shuriken

Description: Naruto will transform into his Sennin Mode form and forms a shuriken made up of wind chakra, which he will throw at his foes and the player can control where the shuriken goes for a limited time.

Sennin Mode Naruto

A powerful form of Naruto that allows him to use senjutsu using jutsus! He is a powerhouse so beware!

Special Moves (Sennin Mode Naruto)

  • Nuetral Special Move: Senpou: Oodama Rasengan

Description: A stronger version of Rasengan where he makes a huge ball of spiraling senjutsu chakra that he will ram at any foes. Like Rasengan, this move can be charged.

  • Side Special Move: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

Description: Just the same as Naruto's Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

  • Up Special Move: Uzumaki Rendan

Description: Just the same as Naruto's Uzumaki Rendan.

  • Down Special Move: Rasen Rengan

Description: Naruto will dash at his foes with two balls of spiraling chakra that knock them away.

  • Final Smash: Senpou: Sennin Rasengan (Hermit Arts: Hermit Spiraling Sphere)

Description: Naruto will form a ball of spiraling senjutsu chakra into his hand and ram it at his foes, which will engulf them in a huge spiraling dome of senjutsu chakra. This move will revert Sennin Mode Naruto back to normal Naruto.

Role in Subspace Chronicles

Naruto is one of the first playable characters in the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Trinity: Subspace Chronicles, Subspace Chronicles, where he fights against Pit in the final match of the World of Trophies tournament at the Midair Stadium. After the match, Naruto shakes Pit's hand while Hinata was watching the match but the Highwind comes over head that sprays dark energy down that becomes Primids.

Soon after fighting the Primids, Naruto blasted away from the Midair Staduim by a huge fireball created by the fire summon, Ifrit. Naruto lands in Kyoto where Kasumi found him and reverted him to his normal form.

Trophy Descriptions

Naruto Uzumaki

A genin from Konohagakure no Sato that has the Kyuubi (Nine-tailed Fox in English dub version) sealed within himself that made him a outcast by the villagers that hated the Kyuubi that attacked the village. But now he lives a exciting life as a shinobi with his friends.

Naruto (Sennin Mode)

A special form that Naruto can take on after taking in senjutsu chakra that gives many powers. So beware since Naruto transforms into this form after doing his Final Smash!

Fuuton: Rasen-Shuriken

Naruto's Final Smash, he transforms into Sennin Mode and forms a shuriken of spiraling wind chakra that he throws straight at his foes!

Senpou: Sennin Rasengan

Naruto's Final Smash while he is in Sennin Mode, Naruto flips over his foes and forms a ball of spiraling senjutsu chakra, which he rams downward at his foes that engulfs the area in a spiraling dome of senjutsu chakra that will send his foes flying away.

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