Mōri Motonari is depicted as a young, genius daimyo who only cares about winning. He will use any strategies that can lead him to victory, including those that sacrifice his soldiers, without any hesitation. To reflect this personality, his attacks in the game can also hit his own allies, though no actual damage is dealt.

Motonari also has a belief in the Sun (which he calls 日輪 Nichirin), and he tends to refer to himself as 日輪の申し子 Child of the Sun. He has a fierce rivalry with Chousokabe Motochika of Shikoku, whose personality is the opposite of him.

In the first Sengoku BASARA, Motonari was still a non-playable character so he was given a war baton as a weapon with a moveset similar to Uesugi Kenshin. When he becomes a playable character in Sengoku BASARA 2, his weapon is changed to a ring blade which can be split into two. He also has a tricky moveset in which many of his skills involves setting up traps.

Motonari then returns in Sengoku BASARA 3, allied with Mitsunari Ishida against the Tokugawa Army.

Super Smash Sisters Role

Motonari Mori appears as a non-playable warlord in SSS. Unlike his Sengoku Basara 1 incarnation, he uses his ring blade to help girls out in battle. He can also set traps for enemies. Even if the friendly fire is off, he can still attack his allies. He can use his baton only to signal artillery strikes.

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