characters removed

toon link- carbon copy of link only one link is nessacery

rob- last minute character anyone could have taken his place

olimar- size is wrong all smash bros characters are correct sizes real olimar is smaller than mario's foot

lucas- clone of ness and a bigger loser and coward than luigi. Note I like luigi but in smash bros and in a lot of games he is usualy portrayed as a coward young link- clone of link

roy- clone of ike. ike is better

pichu- bad clone of pikachu

dr mario- clone of mario shadow mario takes his place

character move updades

ness retains all his moves except pk thunder works like lucases and pk starstorm's fireballs home in on target

one of mario's costumes is his overalls are white and his shirt and hat are yellow

one of luigi's costumes is his overalls are white and his shirt and hat are yellow

sonic's yellow costume makes him look like super sonic

meta knights standard and side special moves don't leave him vulnerable when their performed in the air one of meta knights costumes is that he looks like galactica knignt

ike's final smash does much more damage than before

snakes taunts are

up taunt- gets in box

side taunt- mimics setting off c4

down taunt- starts codec conversation. can be used on any stage

kirby uses the star rod differntly when he shoots eight stars come out and the rod can be only shot twice

when bowser uses the star rod the rod still has sixteen shot but two stars come out instead of on

both super sonic and super shadow can take damage but will not flinch and the will self destruct if they fly out of the left right or bottom barrier. they will not be koed from the top barrier even if they are hit

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