Minerva (ミネルバ, Minerba) is the princess of Medon, the middle child of the Medonian royal family, being the younger sister of Michalis and older sister of Maria, and the leader of the Whitewings: Palla, Catria and Est, in Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi, Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo, and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Before the wars, Minerva lives in peace in Medon. Once her older brother Michalis became a knight of Medon, she follows in his footsteps, and even starts her own order of knights called the Whitewings. As Doluna rises to power, it requests Medon's allegiance. The sibling's father, King Medon, denies the request and, as Medon is a suzerain of Akaneia, asks them to send reinforcements to aid Medon against Doluna. The reinforcements do not come, and King Medon, dies suddenly. Michalis announces that it is the work of an Akaneian assassin. Minerva is skeptical, however, because she knows of her father and brother's rocky relationship and disputes over Medon's allegiance with Akaneia. Michalis seizes control of Medon and allies with Doluna. Minerva resents the idea, but before she can act, Michalis imprisons their younger sister Maria, making her Doluna's hostage, and informs Minerva that Maria will be put to death if she does not cooperate with Medon. Upon hearing this, Minerva realizes that Michalis has killed her father, but, as she cares deeply for her sister Maria, she has no choice but to serve Medon.

According to the timelines, Minerva serves Medon against her judgment to protect Maria for a period of six years. As Michalis is King of Medon, Minerva becomes Medon's main general. Minerva is in charge of the Doluna's allegiance’s attack on Aurelis. During one attack on Aurelis, Minerva finds soldiers of her nation deserting their posts and looting the villages of Aurelis and attacking the civilians. Unwillingly to let this injustice happen, she, along with her Whitewings, a mysterious man, his subordinate horseman and his subordinate knight, and eventually a Medonian bishop named Frost, assault the deserters. With the help of these allies, she eventually brings down the deserter's leader. After this, a Medon soldier asks if he can investigate the unknown man who assisted her and expresses his belief that he was actually the Coyote Hardin. Minerva says the connection is impossible and orders her troops to stay away from the man and his allies, as under Medon's allegiance with Doluna, Minerva and Hardin are enemies. Minerva's army succeeds in taking Aurelis Castle, and she orders her subordinates Emereus and Merach to protect the castle. Still trying to protect Maria, She orders her armies to hound Aurelis' Coyote Hardin and Princess Nyna, but when they meet up with Marth and his army, they defeat Minerva's subordinates and retake Aurelis castle. Minerva is punished for this, and is then put under General Harmein, and her and her Whitewings are ordered to stop Marth and his army from reaching Akaneia. Though she hates General Harmein's tactic and does not want to fight Marth, she cannot rebel lest Maria be killed. Minerva, who cannot bear the servitude much longer, withdraws from the battle with her Whitewings and Harmein is defeated. Minerva plans to lead the Whitewings against Doluna, but she cannot carry out her plans because Maria is still in jeapordy. Minerva is punished yet again for her minor betrayal of Harmein, and she is separated from her Whitewings. Before she is separated from them, Minerva manages to tell Catria to request that Marth rescue Maria from Castle Diel in Akaneia. Minerva, knowing that she has treaded on thin ice by betraying Harmein, is afraid for her sister and leaves her post to visits Maria's prison, just to ensure she's still safe. She ask the prison general Zharov for permission to see Maria for awhile, but she is denied. Marth's army arrives at the prison at the same moment, so Minerva, relived, waits for Marth to rescue Maria. As soon as she sees Maria and Marth emerging from the prison, she meets him and tells him that she is now fighting alongside his forces to redeem Medon, as her brother Michalis has corrupted it. Minerva is then approached by Maria, who is now fighting alongside Marth as well. Minerva is relieved to see Maria safe, and tries to keep her that way by attempting to discourage her from fighting. Maria assures Minerva that she will fight so she never has to burden Minerva again, and Minerva vows to protect her as well.

Minerva continues to fight alongside Marth, and while in Gra she finally meets up with Palla and Catria, who are deployed from the Medon army to assist King Jiol against Marth. However, as they know Minerva is with Marth, they speak to him and join the ranks of Marth's army to fight alongside Minerva. Minerva apologizes to Palla for involving the Whitewings in her personal battles, and encourages Catria to keep fighting despite their conflicting relationships. The youngest Whitewing, Est, finally joins with Marth's army in Grust, after retrieving Mercurius, and Minerva praises Est for her actions. When Marth and his army finally enter Medon, Marth tries to discourage Minerva from fighting, and she explains that she has no reservations against fighting her countrymen, as she must stop her brother from corrupting Medon. Though she still loves him in some way, Minerva wants to punish her brother herself. She meets Michalis in battle and defeats him, though she is unable to deal him the killing blow. Maria then houses Michalis away in the palace. Minerva assists Marth in defeating Medeus and ending the war. After the war, she does all she can to restore Medon, which, unfortunately for her, meant taking the Medonian throne in Michalis' absence, though she has no want of it.

After two years, Minerva is suddenly overtaken by rebelling Medonian citizens and was captured. She was rescued by Michalis and taken to Khadein, so that she could reunite with Marth and help him in his quest. Minerva proved vital in waking Maria from Medeus' mind control. After the battle, Minerva renounced the throne of Medon and went to work at Lena's monastery with Maria.

Super Smash Sisters

Minverva is a playable fighter in Super Smash Sisters. She can use her axe the Hauteclere in battle against her enemies. With her ability to call in fellow dragonknights, she can be a challenge.

To unlock

  • Win Tournament mode with any character.
  • 270 matches
  • Recruit her in New Order.

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