Mii Brawler
Character Information
Universe Wii
Species Mii
Debut Wii Sports
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor Female Mii:
Ayumi Nagao
Yuko Kaida
Hitomi Hirose
Tomo Adachi
Male Mii:
Fumihiro Okabayashi
Tomoyuki Higuchi
Takuya Sato
Koki Harasawa

Miis are avatar that can be designed to look like anybody. They are in many Wii Games.

Mii's are created by You on the Mii Channel.


They appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultra, Super Smash Bros. Pinnacle, Super Smash Brothers Conflict, Super Smash Bros. Colossal, Super Smash Bros. Max, Super Smash Bros. X2, Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated, and Super Smash Bros DS: Double Smash. In Conflict and Double Smash, you cannot use one of your created Mii's. In X2, all Mii's are taken from the home Wii and automatically saved, even with the change of Wii. They have to be unlocked in a special feature called the "Mii Fighter Creation Station". They are not playable on the GameCube version.

Colossal Info

In Super Smash Bros. Colossal Guest Mii's can't be used and some famous Mii's are in the game (Wayne Rooney Mii) and (Ronaldinho Mii), both from Fifa 09 and Fifa 08. Guest Mii's were only playable in the demo version.

In Max, you can use Miis you created as alternative costumes, though the default costume is a Mii based on Nintendo president, Shigeru Miyamoto (dubbed "Shigeru Miiyamoto"). Shigeru Miiyamoto will appear in SSBMax's adventure mode storyline: "Tabuu's Revenge: Space-Time Chaos". However, he will not be playable in the adventure mode until close to the very end of the storyline.



Super Smash Bros. Ultra

Who Won? Mii!
Mii, Super Smash Bros. Ultra (winning taunt)

I'm playing, even when you're not
Mii, Super Smash Bros. Ultra (side taunt)

Get N, or get Out!
Mii, Super Smash Bros. Ultra (down taunt)

Wii would like to Brawl!
Mii, Super Smash Bros. Ultra (up taunt)

Super Smash Bros. Colossal

Winning Is In MII!!!
Mii, Super Smash Bros. Colossal (after defeating Ganondorf in Corall)

Mii, Super Smash Bros. Colossal (In the Mii Stampede in Corall)

Super Smash Bros. Punch-Out!

Wii Don't Have Time For This!
Mii, Super Smash Bros. Punch-Out! (In Adventure Mode)

Smashing Smash Bros.

Mii Rock! Yoo don't!
Mii, Smashing Smash Bros. (After winning)

Snake Codec Message (Max)


Colonel:"That's a Mii, Snake."

Snake:"A Mii?"

Colonel:"Miis are digital avatars created on Nintendo's Wii console. They can be modified to look like anyone, and in this game, they can modified to have anyone's special moves."

Snake:"Even mine?"

Colonel:"Even yours."


How to Unlock

Special Moves

  • Standard special:Move copy
  • Side special:Counter
  • Up special:Giant hop
  • Down special:Teleport explosion
  • Final smash:Mii earthquake


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