Midair Stadium *Redo* After the attack on Midair Stadium it was rebuilt and redone.Midair Stadium is the first stage in Super Smash Bros. Revolution's Adventure Mode, The Revolution.

It consists of a platform similar to Final Destination again but it is a much larger stadium than before. The background has a audince and clouds. When the Ninja's and Armys invades it shares it's background with the Halberd stage again.

The stage beigns with a battle between Mario, Kirby and Link. After the brawl, the Army suddenly invades the stadium, and Mario, Kirby and Link, along with Peach, Zelda and Rosalina, end up going up against Differant creatures some resembling the Subspace. Eventually, the Ninja Sukai appears, carrying a Trophy Box. Mario gets hit and knocked away and Kirby or Link ends up fighting Paint Petey Piranha, who holds the princesses captive. Kirby or Link manages to rescue one of them, but Wario and Waluigi suddenly appears wielding a Dark Cannon. Wario suddenly notices the other princess and fires his weapon at her instead. Reduced to a trophy, the other princess is taken by Waluigi. The stage ends with Kirby or Link escaping with the princess he saved and a bomb exploding, taking the stadium to Ninjai. Midair Stadium cannot be played again until the game is cleared.

Songs played in this stage (in order of appearance)


Other Info

The stage is modelled after a Castle similar to Hyrule but still built as stadium format. It is also used as the How-To-Play tutorial's stage again.


The player will play a 3 player battle format, if you win with Mario he will be knocked away after he frees peach. If choose Link you will call your horse you parked and save Zelda OR Rosalina, If you choose Kirby you fly away with Rosalina. When Wario and Waluigi come Rosalina will be a trophy and Zelda will be taken hostage if your mario,Kirby Zelda is taken hostage again and peach is a trophy,Link peach is a trophy and rosalina is captured.

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