Michael Max is a former heavy weight boxer champion. He was unbeatable for the title and was predicted to keep it for many years to come. However, Michael also participated in street fighting and nearly killed a man in one of his matches. Once the sports world caught word of it, he was revoked of his title and kicked out of the boxing circuit. He participates in the King of Fighters tournament for the thrill and to reclaim his lost glory before the world.

After the events in Fatal Fury, he is helping retrain Axel Hawk. This is evident in Axel's ending Fatal Fury Special -where Michael is timing Axel's jogging- and later confirmed in the Garou Densetsu: SNK Fan Collection disc bundled with Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Minds.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Michael Max is a non-playable boxer in Super Smash Sisters. Not only does he bring his Tornado Upper attack, he will also bring new attacks to his arsenal.


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