Mewtwo note mewtwo is not a newcomer this is and updated moveset for mewtwo


Attack: 4/5

Speed: 3/5

Attack Speed: 2/5

Jump: 5/5

Air Speed: 4/5

Reach: 3/5

Gravity: 3/5

Weight: 4/5

Traction: 2/5

Height: 5/5

COSTUMES Mewtwo changes the colour of his body

(Default) Grey






ENTRANCE Mewtwo teleports onto the battlefield with Phychic energy.

IDLE POSE Mewtwo crosses its arms then slowy inspects a small shadow ball from its hand.

Mewtwo closes its eyes makes a fist with its hand.


Up: Spins around while laughing (same as Melee)   

Side: Mewtwo's eyes glow while lifting itself above the ground saying "The most powerful Poke'mon!".

Down: Mewtwo pulls out it's hand as if it is about to attack.


looks at the screen while dark phychic emits from its hand

Mewtwo floats down laughing

Teleport's infront while crossing his arms saying "I expected better".

WII REMOTE CHOICE Mewtwo shouts while a Shadow ball is heard.

ABILITIES can hover like peach


A: Put's its hand out with a bit of purple lighting.

A,A: Mewtwo starts waving its hand and small bursts of Shadow flame appear.

A, A, A: Mewtwo can continue this attack indefinitely.

Dash attack: Mewtwo uses both its arms to punch out and project a dark flame burst while still sliding forward.


Up: Mewtwo flips itself over and hits any enemy in front of or above it.

Foward: Mewtwo swipes its tail at the enemy.

Down: Mewtwo swipes its tail in a full circle while crouching.


Up: He raises its left hand up and a small swirling vortex appears which can slightly juggle an enemy if caught in it.

Forward: Mewtwo uses both of its arms to push out and project a dark flame burst.

Down: Mewtwo will point to the ground and a small explosion will occur where it pointed he does this on both sides.


OtherLedge Attack: Mewtwo swipes with his hand.

100% Ledge Attack: Mewtwo shoots energy at the ground.

Floor Attack: Mewtwo spins while his tail slaps opponents.


Neutral A:  A web of electricity is generated around Mewtwo.

Forward A: Mewtwo swipes its hand with a touch of dark flame.

Up A:  This is just an airborne version of the Up + A move on the ground.

Down A:  Mewtwo backflips, swinging its foot downwards.

Back A: Mewtwo swings its tail behind him.

GRABS   Grab + A: hits them with a shock of electricity.

Side Throw: Mewtwo lifts the enemy up and blasts it with 5 mini-Shadow balls.

Up Throw:  Mewtwo spins the enemy around itself and shoots it right into the air.

Down Throw: Mewtwo jumps above the enemy and whips itself around with his tail

Back Throw: Mewtwo maneuvers the enemy over its head and throws him/she back behind it.


B: Shadow Ball.  Mewtwo will start charging his Shadow Ball. Any enemy that comes into contact with the Shadow Ball while Mewtwo is still charging will be damaged slightly. While charging, press R or L to cease charging, or left or right to dodge in that direction. If Mewtwo finishes charging, but is interrupted, the charge for the Shadow Ball will still remain, as long as Mewtwo had charged for long enough. The Shadow ball will cause an explosion if it hits an obstruction in it's path, which can cause damage to any enemy close enough. Throwing a partially-charged Shadow Ball big enough, will cause you to recoil, if you are in the air while throwing it.

Side B: Psycho cut.  Mewtwo tears at the foe with blades formed by psychic power. It has a high damage if the opponent is very near but low range this also reflects projectiles much easier. The reflected projectile can hurt the ones who fired them

Up B: Teleport. Same as Melee but much longer.

Down Special Move:Disable Description: In Melee, Disable stunned an opponent for only a second. This time around, it's a little different. The higher an opponents damage meter, the longer they remain stunned

damage and seconds remaining stunned

less the 20% 1 second

20% to 50% 2 seconds

51% to 75% 3 seconds

76% to 100% 4 seconds

anything over 100% 5 seconds


When Psychic is used, Mewtwo uses Phychic abilities to power itself up so any time your near opponets they will be hit by Phychic waves while Mewtwo wont have to do anything except be near the opponent.

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