Mewtwo's artwork in Melee
Character Information
Gender Unknown (the game will refer to him as male)
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor

Mewtwo, one of the fighters in Melee, was dropped from Brawl because Lucario was added. He's back, & is unchanged from Melee.


Mewtwo was the result of many years research by scientists. He was created as a clone of the extremely rare Pokemon Mew.


Mewtwo is once again a secret fighter, unlocked when you meet him in Subspace Emissary 2: Tabuu's Revenge. He works for Tabuu (& is the only one who works for him that is a playable character) to hunt down the fighters.


Mewtwo is one of the worst fighters (ironically he is one of the best in his universe) so it is easy to kill him.


Mewtwo does not speak, he makes male sound effects since he is a Pokemon. Duh.


  • The only moves of Mewtwo & Lucario that are similar to each other are their neutral B & Final Smash.
  • Mewtwo can glide because he could fly in the anime

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