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Mewtwo is the first boss of Shadow Threat on Super Smash Bros. Shadow Smash. He is considered a Sub-boss.


  • Shadow Ball-Shoots a ball of darkness at player.
  • Shadow Beam-A beam of darkness is shot at the player and stuns.
  • Dark Punch-Punches the player with a dark force.
  • Shadow Sneak-Turns into a shadow and goes under the player, then rising and attacking with 30%.
  • Dark Whip-A glowing whip grapples the Player and throws torwards Mewtwo and Mewtwo uses Dark Punch


You use Mario and Darkari, so the strategy varies.


Just reflect all projectiles with Cape and when Mewtwo uses Shadow Sneak, just dash away as fast as possible and jump at the right moment.


The strategy for this character is not ready yet


Mewtwo is a part of the army Shadow Threat. He was hired by the main villin and was used so the Heroes wouldn't get in the way of thier plans. He tuns the heroes into trophies by Dark Ray but dosent use it in battle.He uses Dark Ray when he finds Link, Peach, and Zelda and goes to his realm to be defeated by Mario and Darkari, but Peach, Link, and Zelda dont appear, and they do when Giga Bowser is slain.

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