wo (#150) is a clone of Mew geneticly created in a lab.He was the star in Pokemon move 1. He made it in Melee but deleted in brawl. If MewTwo Is in your Smash bros. put below

Snake's Codec

Commented by AkaiAzul on YouTube's video (see video)

Edited by Yusheng02

Snake: Colonel, I can't get close to that thing!

Colonel: That's Mewtwo, Snake. He's a clone of the legendary Pokemon, Mew.

Snake: A clone, you say? Looks like the "Les Enfants Terribles" didn't stop at humans.

Colonel: No, Snake. It's the Pokemon scientists, actually. However, it happened. He's nothing like the original. He won't think twice about using his psychic abilities on you. Be careful.

Snake: First Psycho Mantis and now this guy. I've had my full of psychic powers for a lifetime.

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