Metal Sonic


Attack: 3/5

Speed: 5/5

Attack Speed: 3/5

Jump: 3/5

Jump speed: 3/5

Reach: 2/5

Gravity: 2/5

Weight: 4/5

Traction: 4/5

Height: 3/5


Metal Sonic changes the colour of his plate scheme.

(Default) Blue





Black (Metal Sonic Version 3.0)


ENTRANCE His body is already present on the field, he just activates.


Up: Metal Sonic rubs his nose like he is acting as Sonic.

Side: Metal floats on his back and charges his Overdrive then cuts it out.

Down: Metal stands straight and unleashes a small electric charge.


Spins around on his feet then stikes a pose with his arms.

Metal Sonic gets an incoming transmission of Dr.Eggman laughing.

Metal floats up while saying "Sonic, I was created for the sole purpose of destroying you"


His activate sound is heard.


A: Swipe.

A,A: Swipe, then a claw scratch.

A, A, A: Swipe, then a claw scratch followed by a Kick.

Dash attack: Metal shoots off bursting his Overdrive to hit opponents.


Up: Metal swipes his hand over.

Foward: Metal smacks foward twice.

Down: Metal shoots both his hands at the ground.


Up: Metal stomps the ground then slams his head up in the air.

Forward: Metal charges his back Overdrive to smack him foward very fast at the opponent.

Down: Metal kicks foward then back while shooting a small burst of OverDrive.


Neutral A: Metal spins while slashing his claws at 360 degrees.

Forward A: Metal claws very furiously with one hand after the other.

Up A: Metal turns his body to hit straight up with his feet.

Down A: Metal pauses and emites a very powerful blast of Overdrive from his back, has Meteor Smash properties.

Back A: Metal also shoots his Overdrive to propel him foward.



Grab +A: Metal tightens his grip crushing the opponents neck.

Side Throw: Metal swings his opponent down then tosses them foward

Up Throw: Brings the opponent up then slams down with Metal on top.

Down Throw: Metal blasts his back Overdrive at the opponent

Back Throw: Metal jumps while spinning at the opponents head and flip's them backwards.


B: Copy Scan. Metal can also copy his opponents abilities if he comes close within contact, he only copies there Standerd Special to use it as a small fraction of Power. see copy abilites page for list of abilites

Side B: Shield Attack. Metal charges forward with his hand out and his whole body coverd in Energy as a circle,

Up B: OverDrive Boom. Metal charges his Overdrive to shoot anywhere one choses. He floats down while charging just like Diddy Kongs.

Down B: Black Shield. Metal engulfs himself in a Black sheild to reflect projectiles, also if Metal is using this while at momentum he will slide across the stage.

Final Smash:Metal Overlord Description: Metal Sonic transforms into Metal Overlord from Sonic Heroes. He then moves into the background of the stage and attacks from there. He will fire spikes from his back for the duration of the move. His grab move makes him fire the fingers on his left hand. The finger missiles travel towards opponents trap them if they connect, the opponents must struggle to get out. Normal move button makes him use his flamethrower pincer. Special move button fires the crystal cannon in his chest. He attacks with his tail just before the move finishes. Move last 15 seconds

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