Meryl Silverburgh (メリル・シルバーバーグ, Meriru Shirubābāgu?), was the commanding officer of Rat Patrol Team 01 of the CID. Prior to her inauguration as commander, Meryl was a well-known career soldier due to her involvement in the Shadow Moses Incident of 2005, her first mission where she met, worked and later fell in love with famed mercenary Solid Snake. She was thought to be the niece of former FOXHOUND commander Roy Campbell but was later discovered to actually be his daughter.

According to official records, Meryl Silverburgh was the daughter of Roy Campbell's younger brother, Matt Campbell. However, more recent evidence showed that Meryl was born as the result of an affair between Roy Campbell and his brother's wife. When Meryl was young, Matt Campbell was killed in action during the Gulf War. After that, she took on her mother's maiden name, Silverburgh.

Raised in a house of military traditions, Meryl trained herself throughout her childhood in the arts of soldiery. She admired the FOXHOUND unit, viewing the days when her uncle and Solid Snake were members in the unit’s heyday, and wears a paint tattoo of the unit's 1990s logo on her left shoulder. She joined the armed forces after graduating high school and received extensive psychotherapy to prevent any attraction to the opposite sex. Despite this psychotherapy, she falls in love with Snake during the Shadow Moses Incident.

She was assigned to the nuclear disposal facility on Shadow Moses in 2005 as an emergency replacement, after several soldiers were reported missing. Following her arrival on the island, the unit involved with the exercise revolted along with members of FOXHOUND and took over the facility along with Metal Gear REX, which was secretly being developed there by ArmsTech. Though initially believed to be an unfortunate coincidence, it was later revealed that the Pentagon had deliberately assigned her to Shadow Moses that same day in order to force Roy Campbell to withhold vital information from Snake during the events of the Shadow Moses Incident. Meryl refused to join in with the rebellion and was taken prisoner, placed in the adjacent holding cell to the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson. Before this however, ArmsTech President Kenneth Baker gave Meryl a PAL card before undergoing a torture session by Revolver Ocelot. This PAL card could be used to activate or deactivate REX, and could only be used once.

Afterwards, her cell guard, Johnny Sasaki, opened her door after she started banging on it. She then subdued him, stealing his uniform afterwards. She met up with Solid Snake, who had been forced out of retirement by the U.S. government in order to neutralize the terrorists, and the two eventually began working together. She managed to stay hidden by disguising herself as one of the Genome Soldiers using the clothes she stole from Johnny.

Later, the pair met up on the first floor basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. She gave the PAL card to Snake and then the two headed to the Commander's Room where Psycho Mantis took control of Meryl's mind. Meryl held her gun against Snake, but Snake, realizing she was not herself, managed to knock her out. Snake then dispatched Mantis and he and Meryl headed north in order to destroy Metal Gear. However, Meryl was shot and subsequently captured by FOXHOUND member Sniper Wolf. Snake pleaded with Meryl to hold on to life, and assured Campbell he would rescue her, and not for anyone else, but for himself. Snake engaged in a sniping duel with Wolf and was eventually lured into an ambush by her where he was also captured. Snake was then put through a series of torture sessions by Ocelot. Meryl was also forced to watch Snake being tortured via a monitor. Snake held on throughout the torture, and eventually escaped confinement.

Later, Snake met up with Otacon, who was curious to ask whether Snake believed love could bloom even on a battlefield. Snake, distraught over Meryl's capture insisted that he did believe, admitting his feelings for her. Their conversation was cut short when Liquid Snake arrived in a Hind, ready to finish Snake off.

Meryl was later rescued by Snake after his fight with Liquid. During the reunion, they lean in to kiss, but a Codec call from Campbell forced them to make a quick escape before bombs were dropped on the base. They found a jeep, however, during their escape, they were pursued by a relentless Liquid. Eventually, both jeeps collided on a cliff edge. Liquid would later die because of FOXDIE. Snake wondered how long it will be before he would die from the virus, but Meryl asked him not to think about it. The two discovered an abandoned snowmobile, and escaped Shadow Moses. After Campbell faked Snake and Meryl's deaths by saying that their jeep crashing into the ocean, Snake and Meryl retreated together hoping for a normal life.

After Shadow Moses, Snake and Meryl lived together for some time, however, Snake, although he still cared for Meryl, accepted that he will never be a normal person, and will only ever spend his life fighting. As a result, he left her and joined Otacon to form Philanthropy. Meryl continued to believe in Snake. She re-entered the military thanks to Campbell's connections, where she was posted to the Army's PMC watchdog, the USACIDC (U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command), as the head of her own team, Rat Patrol 01.

In 2014, she became involved in a secret operation to capture Liquid Ocelot. However, after the events of the Big Shell Incident, she began to hate her father after he apparently wedded a young brunette, even going as far as to call him a "womanizing piece of shit."

When she met Snake again for the first time during Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection, in the Middle East, she expressed shock upon looking at Snake's more aged appearance, and was clearly upset. She then became infuriated when she learned that it was Campbell who had sent him there. In an attempt to take Liquid by force, in Eastern Europe, she became involved in the massacre that wounded her and her unit, as well as killing most of the nearby military soldiers and damaging some of the vessels.

Meryl helped Snake on his infiltration of Outer Haven, however, she was possesed by Screaming Mantis, echoing her similar predicament nine years before. Snake saved her from the mind control, and apologized, feeling he was at fault for dragging her into everything. She tearfully assured him they would "meet again on the other side", Snake then left to destroy Haven's AI.

After the mission, Meryl finally made peace with her father, and agreed to marry Johnny, who had loved her ever since she knocked him out and stole his clothes in Shadow Moses.

Super Smash Sisters

Meryl Silverburgh is a playable character in Super Smash Sisters. Unlike Snake in Brawl, Meryl uses guns in battle. Her normal codec team on Shadow Moses is Dr. Naomi Hunter, Mei-Ling and Natasha Romanenko. Sometimes she will have other characters contact her, for example, when fighting Nene, Masanori Fukushima (in his SW3 appearance) will be her contact.

=To Unlock

  • Win at Shadow Moses 13 times
  • 50 Matches

Win the match that follows for those 2.

  • Recruit her in the New Order.

Special Moves

  • B: Gun: Meryl takes out her gun and starts to fire on her opponent.
  • B Side: Stinger: Meryl gets out a Stinger launcher, waits for her mark then fires an opponent chasing rocket at her prey.
  • B Up: Cypher: Meryl rides a Cypher upwards.
  • B Down: Mine: Meryl throws a mine down in front of herself. The mine goes off if the opponent steps on it.
  • Final Smash: Rocket Launcher: Meryl crouches saying "Let's show off people!" then jumps into air and rides a ladder form a helicopter in the foreground like with the dragoon using a rocket launcher. When a button is pushed, she will fire a rocket. Each 2 clips holds 4 rockets. There is a 30 second time limit so it's best to use all rockets.

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