I wanted to include Ecco as a character originally. The two problems that stopped me are I couldn't come up with a full set of special moves and I couldn't figure out a way to allow Ecco to move around on land. So I decided to make a stage based on his game. Here it is.

Ecco pc shot 1

The real island will be slightly larger


The fight takes place on an island in Medusa Bay, which is a level in the very first Ecco the Dolphin game. There's water on either side of the stage. There are two stage hazards. One, occasionally Ecco himself will jump out of the water from either the left or right side of the screen. If he hits you, he'll ricochet back into the water(no matter how far over the stage he is), and you'll be knocked over, leaving you briefly vulnerable to an attack. Two, In the water are Jellyfish and Sharks. If you're in the water and they touch you, you'll take damage. The damage you take depends on which creature touches you. The Jellyfish won't directly hurt you, they won't swim towards you, but they won't get out of your way either. The Sharks however are different. If they're around and you fall into the water, they'll actively swim towards you, doing more damage then the Jellyfish.

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