Matt the hedgehog


Matt made his first appearence in matt the hedgehog on the sonic fanon wiki but he is moving on here


A attacks

  • Quick Punch (Sonic's) (When stannding still)
  • Strong kick (When walknig)
  • Roll (Sonic's) (When running)
  • Uppercut (When holding the up button)
  • Spin kick (Sonic's) (When crouching)
  • Backflip kick (Up smash)
  • Split kick (Down smash)
  • Charge punch (Sonic's) (Foward smash)
  • Air kick (In the air)
  • Fornt flip kick (Moving foward in the air)
  • Back flip Kick (Moving backward in the air)
  • Upper kick (Sonic's) (Up button in the air)
  • Ground punch (Down button in the air)

B attacks

  • Homing Attack (Sonic's) (When standing still)
  • Chaos sheild (Like fox's down b) (When crouching)
  • Super spindash (Sonic's) (When moving)
  • Spring jump (Sonic's Except slightly higher) (When holding up button)


  • Pathetic (Tosses emerald in the air and catches it) (Up taunt)
  • You will never win (Shakes fist) (Down taunt)
  • Hmph you are weak (Folds arms) (Moving taunt)


  • Knee (Same as sonic's)
  • Super throw (Foward throw)
  • Flip (Sonic's) (Back throw)
  • Stomp (Down throw)
  • Air throw (Up throw)

Final smash

  • Chaos explosion (Fanmade)

Victory Poses

  • It was easier than i thought (Runs around and does a backflip)
  • Wait was this training (Shrugs shoulders and smiles)
  • I could do this with my eyes closed (Puts thumbs up and closes eyes)

How to unlock

  • Play 20 hours of fights
  • Play 400 fights
  • Beat classic with all characters except himself
  • Get him to join in adventure mode


  • Unlike Sonic matt can crawl
  • More stuff coming soon!

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