Mametchi MKGP
Character Information
Universe Tamagotchi
Gender Male
Species Tamagotchi
Debut Tamagotchi P1
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor

Mametchi is a Tamagotchi. It is found to be unlockable, and the only Tamagotchi in a Smash Game with Memetchi. They are said to be in love with each other but they both deny it except, sometimes Memetchi shows her love to Mametchi. It is in Super Smash Bros. Colossal and Super Smash Bros Revolution, and plays a main part in Corall. It's Final Smash Is Karate Mametchi.



It's involved by the Tamagotchi Series.


To defeat this character is to just be good it's pretty fast so.



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